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"Rob Aguilar and his staff at MD Pet Daddy are amazing! My two dogs adore him. He has a special gift with dogs and they know it right away, the first time they meet him. Rob is extremely reliable and flexible, especially with unpredictable work schedules. He regularly sends photos and videos of their walks together and you can tell how happy and comfortable they are with him. Rob is a consummate professional who knows dogs and understands their needs. I never worry when he is taking care of them. Five stars! Complete satisfaction and affordable rates. A+++"


Kelly & Marcia

Columbia, MD

September 2017

"We were referred to MD Pet Daddy last year, when we were looking for a dog walker for our shepherd mix, Polly. She was a few years old when we brought her home, and she was unsure about new people and definitely around other dogs. But she loved Rob from the start. He is amazing with her and took her on mini adventures everyday-car rides, trail walks, a dip in the stream-all while building her confidence. Polly trusted him completely and so do we.

Rob slowly introduced the rest of his terrific team, and Polly is so excited when they come to play. MD Pet Daddy is a wonderful part of her life, and it is a huge relief knowing they take such great care of her. They treat our Polly like one of their own! "

Debby & Victor, Columbia, MD

August 2017

"One summer afternoon my dog slipped out of her leash and took off running. As I walked the streets around my house calling her name, I hear a voice calling out to me asking if I am looking for my dog. As I answered yes, I started walking to a gentleman on top of a hill. He was asking me what breed of dog that I was looking for. After answering all of his questions, he found my dog. I was so relieved and grateful that he found her and brought her in his home to help cool her off. Rob went above and beyond for my dog. He made sure to stick her in the tub to help her cool off. If he didn't bring her in, she would have either died of heat stroke or been hit by a car.

Since our first meeting, I have trusted my pets care in in hands. Knowing when Rob comes to the house, my dogs receive the best attention and care. Not only do I still have Rob come to the house, but I give his name out in a heart beat.

I was in California on a trip and decided to board my dogs in the kennel where I worked. My youngest dog was not settling in and had bitten one of my co workers. Lets just say that I had to make a frantic call to Rob. I asked him if he would go and pick up my dogs and take them home. Rob didn't even hesitate, he said that he would go and pick them up. My dogs were so happy to see Rob come around the corner to come and take them home. My youngest dog actually relaxed and allowed Rob to get him out of the kennel.

Rob has been a great addition to the family. The reaction of my dogs when they see Rob, even when I am out walking my dogs and they see Rob. They pull me to go and see Rob.  

If you are in need of a dog walker or pet sitter, this is the guy to call. All of his staff is wonderful!! The care they have for all animals is a blessing. We all know how we feel about our pets and that no one can care for them like we can, well I have to say, Rob and his staff can care for our pets just like we can."


Columbia, MD

August 2016

"Rob Aguilar has 'the magic', that wonderful empathy between human and dogs. It was evident from the moment he came to meet and evaluate my dog for the first time that my crazy, lunging, barking, reactive hundred-pound rescue dog had fallen in love with Rob at first sight. He called her 'baby girl' and she gazed up at him as though the seas had parted. We've gone form one-walk per week to 3 or more walks per week with occasional situations requiring three walks per day. My dog is a happy girl when she is with Rob. She is much better behaved, much less fearful, and much more relaxed and playful. I am beyond grateful to have my canine baby in the care of MD Pet Daddy. Rob is dependable, concerned, and helpful. I cannot seem to find adequate words to recommend Rob Aguilar highly enough."

Iris and Charlie

Columbia, MD

December 2014

"Rob and his staff have been taking care of our dog Piper since she was 3 months old. The first time we met Rob, it was obvious to us that he loves animals and has a natural way with them. He and his staff are wonderful with Piper. We will often run into Rob while walking Piper in the neighborhood, and on those occasions it is obvious to see how comfortable our dog is with Rob. Piper is highly energetic and has a very dominant personality. Rob and his staff have given us excellent training tips and helped to socialize Piper. Rob is extremely reliable and very affordable compared to other dog walkers we have found in our area. He is also very flexible and accommodating to our unpredictable schedules. There have been several times when something has come up unexpectedly, like getting stuck late at work or having to go out of town suddenly, and with very short notice, Rob has been there for us to care for our dog. We feel very lucky to have such a kind and reliable team to care for Piper, and we highly recommend them!"

Thanks!~Maggie & Sean

September 2013

"My family and I wholeheartedly recommend Rob and his team to anyone who needs a pet sitter for a day, a week or even longer. Rob has restored my family's freedom to travel knowing that our dog, Trixie, will be well cared for... sometimes even with just a day's notice. He provided loving care for her and regularly sends us photos and videos of their time together that brings smiles to our faces. Other pet owners at the park recognize Trixie from her walks with Rob while we are away! Also with the overnight service, we have 'peace of mind' that our house is tended as well as our dog. Five stars...two thumbs up...100%satisfaction...A+...what more can I say!"

The Fang Family--Ellicott City

August 2013

"I recently used MD Pet Daddy to care for my cats while I was out of town. The service that Rob and his team provided was very professional and thorough.

I have multiple pets, one of which has some medical conditions; and the attention given to caring for my pets was outstanding. I plan to use MD Pet Daddy in the future when I am out of town, and I will recommend this company to my friends and family who need pet sitting services."


Columbia, MD

June 2013

"My two dogs are beloved members of my family so their health and happiness is very important to me. Because my job can be time-consuming, I like to ensure that someone comes midday to give my dogs a walk and bathroom break.

With Rob Aguilar, we have gotten so much more. Rob's dedication and love for his job and the pets in his care is evident in each visit. He truly goes above and beyond in caring for my pets and has even made visits to them when I've been called away on short notice. As a result, I return home to happy (and sleepy) 'girls.' I could not have asked for a better person than Rob to care for my dogs while I'm away, and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for perfection in pet sitting!"

Marge, Chloe, and Lily

Columbia, MD

February 2013

"I have been working with Rob for just under a year and he’s part of our family. He genuinely cares for my animals, often sending me pictures during the day of their time together. When I’m at work having a bad day it makes me smile to see a picture (or video) of my dog running like a lunatic outside, or my cat snuggling up for a kiss. At the end of his visit he always leaves a “report card” letting me know what they did for the day.

I have had daily walking services, and overnight visits with Rob. I trust him in my home. When Rob stayed at my home, I knew my animals (1 dog, 2 cats) were well taken care of and my house was safe. He sent emails and texts while I was gone to tell me about how everything was going. I came home to a very clean home and lots of notes about their time together.

He’s trained in doggie first aid and CPR. How do I know? Well, my dog decided to eat some Kaopectate (and by some I mean a whole bottle). I called Rob, and he knew what to do to best take care of her, probably saving her life. He contacted me often in the days following to see how she was doing."


Ellicott City, MD

February 2013

"I had gone through 2 dog sitters in 2 years and am thankful to find one that cares so much for my baby girls. They are dogs, but they're absolutely beloved members of my family. Thank you also for dutifully wiping them down when they return from walks. Even though they are in the sandbox or exploring in the woods, you always bring them back to me clean, which is a great win-win!! The pictures you text me are one of my favorite midday pick-me-ups. Thank you - you've made such a big difference with Chloe and Lilly over the past few months."


Columbia, MD

December 2012

"After years of using an on-site pet lodging service, we decided to try a pet sitter. Fortunately, we selected Rob Aguilar and were delighted with the service of Rob and his staff. When Rob interviewed us about our dog's needs, we were very impressed with his level of professionalism. His associate Mark and Rob visited our home to meet our dog and to review their services. Mark texted us every day details about that day's care and even sent us pictures! We loved the peace of mind knowing that our dog was being well taken care of and enjoyed not having to drop off or pick up our pet. We highly recommend Rob Aguilar's Pet Sitting and Walking Service and plan to use them again. Five stars."

Stephen and Beth

Columbia, MD

November 2012

"Everybody loves their pets! They are like our children -- only they are ALWAYS happy to see us. Rob Aguilar is like your children's favorite uncle -- you know, the one who lets the kids jump all over him when he visits. When Rob comes over, our dog Aspen is so happy to see him, she can't contain her excitement. She squeals with pure joy, and that fills my heart because I know that Aspen is truly happy and will be in good hands when we have to be away from her. Rob always provides a full status report -- details of her walks, feeding, treats and socialization. It's like Aspen went to pre-school! Rob is professional, punctual and reliable. I highly recommend him. I give him 5 stars!"


Columbia, MD

October 2012

Troy, Megan, Roman, Roxy, Butters, Pepper and Starbuck

Columbia, MD

August 2012

"Rob Aguilar is the BEST, hands down! We recently moved here and had no idea what we would do with our 3 dogs when we went away. We tried a kennel and that did not work out. SO… chance, I saw his card, shot him an email and he responded almost immediately. He visited our house, went over everything with us, met “the girls” (as he calls them) and while we spent a few days at the beach, he took GREAT care of them. He sent us pictures of them while we were away, gave us updates after every visit, took them on walks. He was just incredible. He is reliable, honest and takes pride in his business and actually spends time with the dogs and loves them! I would highly recommend him to anyone."


Ellicott City, MD

August 2012

"Honestly, no words can express how I feel about Rob coming into my life, and agreeing to care for my child, Daisy. Rob is what I call an exceptional animal lover. I moved to Columbia, MD from California and Daisy came with me. When you relocate, it is very difficult because the relationship you and your dog built with sitters and walkers is drastically changed. I was very nervous about finding someone new, and trusting them with caring for Daisy. I wanted to find someone that could stay with her when I am gone on long trips, as well as give her a single walk/feed if I am simply working late.

After using the services of two other walkers/sitters with less than desirable results, I decided to contact Rob. Immediately, I felt at ease. He was extremely professional, and built a great rapport with Daisy right away. He showed me his report cards he provides while sitting, and came to watch my routine before agreeing to assist with her care. He asks pertinent, knowledgeable questions, and truly cares about the well-being of animals. After meeting Rob, I knew Daisy’s care was no longer a concern. Rob was there to save the day.

I have used Rob to care for Daisy for as short as one feed/walk to staying with her for an entire week. The service he provides and the amount of care is always amazing. I can ask him at any time how she is doing, and he even sends me pictures showing me she is having a blast. To say he is a lifesaver is the biggest understatement. I would recommend him to care for any person’s animal. The amount of responsibility and reliability he possesses is unmatched. I completely trust Rob with Daisy, and that is the best compliment I can provide."


Columbia, MD

August 2012

"One weekend, I wanted to take a trip out of town and I called Rob. He put me on his calendar with only 48 hours notice. He came to my house at a time convenient for me to meet my four cats. He was prompt and professional. He came with paperwork to complete on each cat so he would know their likes and dislikes. One of my cats requires medication, and he took his time getting to know her and practiced giving her medication so I would feel comfortable leaving her alone. While I was away, Rob visited my house twice daily at the designated time and did an outstanding job taking care of my 'furkids'. He sent me updates via text and even washed a small area rug for me when one of the cats had an accident. I was very satisfied with Rob’s services and I will call him again in the future."


Columbia, MD

July 2012

"Rob demonstrates all of the qualities we would want to see in the individual who cares for our pets when we cannot. We currently have an elderly cat and an older adult dog, and Rob gives them excellent and careful care and attention. He is kind, thoughtful, an excellent communicator with animals, responsible, trustworthy, and conscientious. Most importantly, our pets adore him, and he treated our home with respect when he stayed here to care for our pets."

Janet and Brian

Ellicott City, MD

June 2012

"It is more than just being very competent and knowledgeable about dogs and what they need, it is the strong sense we have of Rob's genuine kindness, sensitivity and love for dogs (and cats too, we have been told, although we are not cat people), and for OUR dog, that gives us such peace of mind while we are away. We feel very lucky to have found Rob, and look forward to his next stay."

Juliet and Roger

Ellicott City, MD

June 2012

"It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation to Robert Aguilar and his business “Rob Aguilar’s Pet Sitting and Walking”. Robert has been assisting in the care for our dog, Molly since he began his business. During this time, Robert has exhibited great care for her. During their daily walks, Robert takes Molly to many different areas of the neighborhood to ensure diversity of the workout. I have witnessed the gentle loving hand that Robert gives to our dog and it resonates through the rest of the day long after his services are completed. She is healthy and happy."


Columbia, MD

May 2012