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Team Biographies - Meet our Caring Team

We wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves to you, since most of you interact only with Rob. We are a family owned and operated business. The entire team is proud to have your pet and you as our clients. Our promise is to care for your pets as if they were our own. We take care to make sure we understand your needs and schedule, and we reliably keep our appointments. We look forward to meeting each and every one of our clients and their beautiful furry pets. You get rest assured, your pet is in good, steady, loving hands when we are providing care to them.

We have a small team of very caring, dedicated, and reliable dog walkers and pet sitters. In addition to Rob Aguilar and Mark Scoville, Rose DiLosa is our other caring dog walker.

Rob with our dog Tommy.

Rob is the owner of the company. We call him the "dog whisperer," and he is also a cat lover. He manages the pet care service, and keeps the business running with the highest quality and reliability - even when we sometimes get really busy. The dogs really trust him and quickly come to anticipate his visits. He makes it fun for the dogs and is constantly thinking of new ways to improve their experience. Rob truly cares for his customers, loves this business, and feels his clients are part of our extended pet care community.

Charlie B and Rob - Ready for some fun this summer

Cherri and Jonah.

Cherri is one of our skilled, caring pet sitters. Some of our lucky dogs and cats get her attentive time, and they love her company. She also does some of the business's marketing, manages client contacts, and keeps the office equipped and up-to-date. She is a pet lover, and cat care specialist! And our dogs Lilly and Lucky are happy she is the grandma!

Mark with our dog Lilly this past summer.

Mark takes care of the company's computer needs, and he is an avid dog walker. He enjoys caring for pets and walking dogs - and the dogs and cats love him.

Raider and Mark on New Years Eve

Quincy and Mark this past Fall

Stormy and Mark during New Years week 2016